Bob Learns to Ride

Welcome! This is a blog to document my journey from novice rider to (hopefully) fully qualified and experienced biker.

There are many sites out there written by very knowledgeable people, this is intended to be more about the journey to get there. I’ll post bits of knowledge I’ve picked up, reviews of gear and bikes from a newbie perspective and share some of the experiences I have on the way.

Learning to Ride


Latest articles…

Riding Gear 101

So… you’ve got your provisional licence, you’re booked in for you CBT or DAS, you’ve got your eye on a lovely shiny motorbike… what else do you need? ATGATT All the gear all the time (ATGATT) is a fundamental of safe riding. There’s lots of other slogans and mnemonics, I quite like Ride for the… Continue reading Riding Gear 101

Mod 2

The Mod 2 test is the 4th and final hurdle to jump on the way to earning your bike licence. The test is the same whether you’re going for A1, A2 or an unrestricted A licence, the difference being the bike you take it on (a 125 for A1, at least 395cc for A2 and… Continue reading Mod 2

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