Motorcycle Theory Test and Hazard Perception – App Review

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Key Points

What is it?

An app to prepare for your theory test, with theory questions, mock tests and hazard perception videos.

Created by Deep River Dev

Is it any good?


Any points to note?

It’s not far off a gb in size, so if you’re using an old phone, might be problematic.


£2.50 (2018)

The detail…

The app comprises a complete set of DVSA revision questions plus 80 hazard perception videos. These are official DVSA ones (there are some extra videos that aren’t, but you wouldn’t know), so exactly what you need to prepare.

The questions are all standard DVSA ones – if you get to know these, then the ones on your test will be very familiar. They match the same format (albeit look a bit slicker than the actual test, which looks very dated!) and cover all the content. There were a couple of questions on my actual test that I hadn’t seen before, but of a very similar vein and the subject matter was covered. I did find one question, around hand signals, with an incorrect answer programmed in, but expected that will be fixed quickly. You can get an explanation of each question too.

The videos are pretty much the same CGI ones as you’ll get on your test, with some older video ones too. The scoring and anti-cheating algorithm work in the same way. Once you’ve done each video, you can then review and it will show you exactly where you clicked and where you needed to to score max points. It will also highlight the hazard as it comes into view, which is especially helpful where the first thing you see is a reflection.

All in all, I found this a really good preparation for my theory (which I aced 🙂 ). I’d recommend it.

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