About Me

I work in analytics in the energy industry. It’s more exciting than it sounds… honestly… but that’s not what this site is about. I live near Nottingham, UK, with a wife and two amazing daughters.

I took up riding a motorbike a couple of years ago as a quicker and cheaper way to get into the centre of Nottingham for work – it definitely ticks both of those boxes.

CBT passed, I’ve pootled about on my MT125 for a couple of years, but, now I want to take my riding a bit further.

I passed my mod 2 in July 21 and picked up a Yamaha Tracer on the same day… so the next chapter of learning begins…

About this site

There are loads of great resources out there from really knowledgeable, experienced riders. The aim of this site is to talk more about the experience of learning and hopefully some useful things I pick up along the way.

Get in touch!

I’m really keen to hear tips, advice and feedback, so please feel free to get in touch.