Riding Gear 101

So… you’ve got your provisional licence, you’re booked in for you CBT or DAS, you’ve got your eye on a lovely shiny motorbike… what else do you need? ATGATT All the gear all the time (ATGATT) is a fundamental of safe riding. There’s lots of other slogans and mnemonics, I quite like Ride for the Slide too, but fundamentally, riding motorbike can be dangerous, so you should always wear the right gear when you ride, just in case. It doesn’t take much googling of ‘Road Rash’ to see some of the consequences of not wearing the right gear. The emphasis … Continue reading Riding Gear 101

Motorcycle Theory Test and Hazard Perception – App Review

Link to play store Key Points What is it? An app to prepare for your theory test, with theory questions, mock tests and hazard perception videos. Created by Deep River Dev Is it any good? Yes. Any points to note? It’s not far off a gb in size, so if you’re using an old phone, might be problematic. Cost £2.50 (2018) The detail… The app comprises a complete set of DVSA revision questions plus 80 hazard perception videos. These are official DVSA ones (there are some extra videos that aren’t, but you wouldn’t know), so exactly what you need to … Continue reading Motorcycle Theory Test and Hazard Perception – App Review

Compulsory Basic Training – What to Expect?

Before you can get out on the road, you need to complete compulsory basic training (CBT). But, what is it? What should you expect? What do you need to bring with you? Read on to find out… What is a CBT? A CBT is a day of basic training, that should give you enough basic knowledge and a grounding in key skills so that you’re safe to be out on the roads. What it isn’t is a test, so you can’t fail, although if you’re not safe your instructor will likely stop before you complete it. You can take the … Continue reading Compulsory Basic Training – What to Expect?

Where to start?

What do you need to get on the road? What types of licence are there? How do you get yours? Legal stuff… To get on the road, legally, you need three things – a provisional A class licence, a bike with insurance that’s valid for you to ride and to have successfully completed Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) in the last 2 years. These will let you ride around on a 125, with L plates on. The other option is to go for a Direct Access Scheme (DAS) to work towards a licence that’ll let you ride big bikes from the … Continue reading Where to start?